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Aysenur Gunes was born on October 3, 1987. At 2010, he graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Cinema and TV and at exactly the exact same year hse started to function as an intern for both Yumurcak TV that's a well-known TV channel broadcasts for hchildren all.
As she graduated from TV and Cinema, she took more interest in books, particularly for children's publications. She started her career as an assistant but she found herself searching for something more expressive, and classic. She found all this, and more, in children's novels.
Gunes is now exploring and developing his own publishing career in Mainland China. She believes that Asian literature and culture (not only China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan also) can open her horizon and inspire her to write new stories for kids and provide her a chance to translate some novels from Turkish into Chinese and from Turkish and Chinese too, particularly children's novels. Her primary objective is celebrating Children's literature of China and doing researches on the novels for kids and using this experience to create functions for young children, teenagers and young adult girls.

She is not just editing and composing, but also developing artwork, art and additional educational activities for kids. It's Gunes's desire that her novels become a favorite for kids and teachers of all ages.

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