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I had been born in Connecticut, educated as a mechanical engineer at Massachusetts, and moved to Ohio for a job in a Fortune 200 firm. I have since left the protection of that profession, having been in multiple manufacturing jobs, including: engineering supervisor, plant manager, and also an acquisition captain, in addition to an internal advisor for many manufacturing plants on lean methodology. I've set about consulting part time and writing the remainder of the time.

I was always a maverick for a child, and an adult, and was never really able to draw within the lines or follow particular principles. I did yet, work out how to fit into appropriate society rather than be a pink fighter. This, as well as the technology training I'd had, taught me to question everything, rather than automatically think in anything. Consequently, I had been always a handful for anyone I mentioned to. Once they knew me though, they pretty much allow me to run free using the reservation, "If anybody asks if I knew about this, then I did not." - since the things I did typically didn't fit into the fine company boxes or standards, but were capable of getting the work done.

This character trait, possibly because of playing with mercury as a youngster, affects my writing to be somewhat different than others. My hopes are that it will make studying more entertaining for you, using a new approach to seeing the world around us, by removing the typical paradigms and also blinders we impose on ourselves through our culture's impacts.

I've done some pretty dumb things while studying about writing as a profession. The first issue is, just how damn hard it could be, and I have taken classes, and read several books on writing. The second is how simple it's to make a mistake, like over-write a good file using a draft copy and encourage it to 35,000 people. Yikes. This was a nightmare. I'm much more careful now.

If you are somebody that does not always feel that you fit I

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