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My name is Abby. Should you truly need to get near me, subscribe for my mailing list:

I write stories about my own dreams. They are not to everyone's taste but I'm a real individual, a nice woman, and I am honest about my sexual inclinations. If you want to give me a try, then I would be delighted to have you aboard.

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I am thirty-two years old and live in a little city in beautiful Ontario with my two puppies. I was born and raised. I went to school in Montreal and Ottawa. I studied French, Women's Studies and Literature however, wasn't the most focused student. I took creative writing courses in college but it wasn't until I return to my mind and was working as a waitress I really started writing. I'm an only child and both my parents passed away when I was very young. I do feel a bit lonely in the world.

I like to write about strong, adventurous women. They're the kinds of women I would like to imagine I am, or at least could be when I had the guts. The protagonist usually has a tricky family or past and can be up against the world in some manner. My tales are rather graphic and erotic, but that I also include a good story, strong character development, and a really full and engaging reading experience.

The sexual topics I write about all come out of my own, personal fantasies. They are the kinds of things I envision happening to me, even though I understand they are not likely in real life. They are not realistic in the sense that they reflect life, however they're unquestionably fair in the sense that they reflect my own deeply held thoughts and needs.

Some of the themes I am drawn to comprise:

Wife Swapping
Public Displays
Sharing Partners
Entry to some bunch

I hope you enjoy my stories. They come in the he

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