Tov Furniture

From the very start, our vision was to make a different sort of furniture business. TŌV is led by industry veterans with unique insights gleaned from almost two decades of experience working in each stage of the business; design into manufacturing, dealers to customers.     Within an established business where change happens slowly, if it comes at all, we couldn't wait. It was time to lead.

The furniture industry is among the most earliest, and as is often the case, what makes sense back in the day may not make sense now.     We've committed to be responsive to client needs, and not tied to programs that are no longer effective, add value or put customers first.     TŌV's better client experience blends technology and innovation with older school best business practices.

Our customers require a combination of style and affordable Price.     To give them that, the TŌV Design Team is turned loose to move beyond what's always been done and re-imagine the chances.     The results are stunning. Our bold, cutting-edge designs aren't merely in-step with newest fashions, but set new fashion trends because we strive for the ideal balance between style, comfort, quality and cost.

Tov Furniture has 13 products available for sale in the category of Home & Kitchen.

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