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Learning to play musical instruments during early youth nurtures many things including comprehension, motor skills and the capacity to learn and retain information. Making music also promotes personal confidence and social skills. These are all beneficial well beyond one's childhood years.

NINO® Percussion offers an outstanding assortment of musical instruments designed especially for kids. These greater than fulfill the requirements of early childhood music education and are Great for kindergarten and school programs, or for music therapy and other music-making actions.     It's important that you know that NINO® Percussion instruments are not toys. These are the real thing, designed for security, durability, and playability.     Most of all, they are in tune and musical.

Whether played alone or inside a group, the performance and sound quality of NINO® Percussion tools make them the perfect alternative for young musicians and those who teach them.

Nino Percussion has 36 products available for sale in the category of Musical Instruments.

Nino Percussion is rated 8 out of 10 based on 2,330 reviews.

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Nino Percussion NINO540SP 2 Plastic Shaker product image


Nino Percussion NINO579M GR Medium Handheld product image


Nino Percussion NINO970 Mallet Medium product image


Nino Percussion VE80 NINO540 Plastic Assortment product image


Nino Percussion NINO13R Plastic Jingle product image


Nino Percussion NINO578 Pepper Rhythmic product image


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Nino Percussion NINOSET540 2 Plastic Assorted product image


Nino Percussion NINO961GR 9 Inch Wrist product image


Nino Percussion NINO540L BK Plastic Shaker product image


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Nino Percussion NINO961B 9 Inch Wrist product image