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My lovely dad used to call me Daughter #2. Before their only son arrived, my mom had 4 women. We women were born in Springfield, Mass.. After the family moved to Hartford, Conn. my parents literally built our residence. My mother - a Hunter College graduate - my dad, and mixed with the mortar - that a man - put the bricks. Their enterprise laid the foundation for my concept of how women and men should - and could - live collectively.
I went into the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, and the Sorbonne, in which I promptly became a graduate school dropout and a lifelong Francophile. From I have been a Ford fashion design, a world traveler, a teacher, a writer and editor, a lover, spouse, and mother a fantastic friend to many. I define herself. Artists are all charged with the duty to speak truth except to sing it.
I believe:
We are all related - literally.
*While terrorists, politicians, and maniacs of power try mightily to prove otherwise, war is not the answer. Love is.
*Sing, also in the event that you can not sing, hum.

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