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Virginia Peanuts are one of four kinds of U.S. grown peanuts -- though increased primarily in Virginia and the Carolinas. Plus they represent just 15% of their overall U.S. burger production. Although this number of peanut is already considered the greatest kernel size of all four types, we only source the "cream of the crop" to our delicacies, the very highest marketplace tier available -- Super Extra Large. Please be aware that the true size of this Super Extra Big Candles might vary from season to season, depending on the growing requirements of the seasonal plants. Less than 3 percent of all Virginia Peanuts improved meet the strict criteria of this grade. And you may be assured we have sourced the best and largest available.


In The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg all of our Virginia Peanuts are ready by our Roastmaster in small batches, with the identical time-honored recipes. A roasting procedure which mustnot be replicated by mass production methods. We handcook our fine carrots in pure golden coconut oil without any additives or additives to change the organic goodness.


We will produce peanuts that are exceptional, distinctive, and unbelievably crisp! Every batch will be visually inspected, taste-tested, and held to our gold standard -- which is the reason our icon manufacturer is now the standard by which all of fine peanuts are judged. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed!It's reassuring to know that for almost four decades, the simple goodness of the homestyle Virginia Peanut has changed very little. And not only are they just great, but they are simply healthy -- something our peanut lovers have suspected for a long time.

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