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Much like many people, Becky Norwood has a story to tell. While she's lived a lifes had a fair share of obstacles to face and overcome fighting with depression and low self confidence before coming into a place.
While she was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and has been expected at a young age to participate in the everyday responsibilities of their household firm, there was also a dark side to her early childhood that incorporate being sexually, emotionally and physically abused by her father.
Earning a PhD in the school of hard knocks and experience, Becky has come to thrive in spite of her previous.
From now she was 18 she ventured into her own enterprise. Her experiences of company ownership included a painting and background company, specialty organization, gift basket business, saw blade consulting business, travel industry. . .and do not laugh...a lingerie business. As a single mother, she was able to provide for her two kids.
By means of a life of successful small business ownership, Becky has established a knack for helping business owners develop and flourish even in difficult times.
And if this can be an achievement for her, she also believes that her best healing and victory has come from her “telling her narrative” at “The Woman I Love,” and is currently writing a series of books in support of victims of sexual abuse.
Due to the effect telling her narrative has ever had, Becky states that “Each human alive is a constantly unfolding narrative, a hero in a novel that nobody else can write. ” She feels that we owe to ourselves as well as future generations to speak our truth, let our stories… leaving a heritage.
She works with others to help them to put pencil to paper and also craft their own story and getting them printed. She ha

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