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My name is Bella Grant and I am a romance writer with a passion for billionaire topics. Why billionaire topics? Why not? A girl can think of life getting exceptionally? Nothing wrong with fantasies. You can achieve what you dare to dream!

I started telling tales in my mom’s kitchen once I was a child and my passion for stories and love finally turned me into a romance author.

My personal romance story hasn't been perfect. My crush didn’t past our very first kiss. After our lips touched on, because he took off, I have to have been a terrible kisser! Life is this, right? I still believe in love and keep trusting for my billionaire to sweep me off my toes. For now, #x 2019 & I;ll be satisfied with my man who hasn’t taken off after our very first kiss!

My tales focus mainly on the lifestyles of wealthy and strong men and women who live in my dreams! 1 day that I’ll meet with a billionaire. For now, I’ll dream up their own lives while residing in my school student earnings and discuss it.

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