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Bell Parc is author of the book Your Perfect Steak and DIY Shade. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and runs The Great Steak Company in Sydney Australia. He is actively involved with his own families 5th generation farming operation. This really is the impetus came out to write a book on what it requires for that steak to wind up in your plate. He realised that a lot of what's educated about preparing beef is totally wrong. Taking a scientific approach he to come up with a system for cooking The great Steak. On the way he developed some new and innovative techniques such as "The Twist and Flip Method" and "Step 3 Big T's". As part of writing the book he also filmed a series of videos covering each of the major measures of this process, straight from where the steak starts through to where it ends up.

This book is arguably among the very well researched and written publications on the topic of steak-cooking accessible. It is full of really original articles backed by strong research, videos, graphs and grill-guides in addition to a Steak Program referred to as "Steak Time" which is freely available to anyone who buys the book.

Bell is living in Sydney with his wife and 2 young kids. He has recently created a beef cooking course that he is enthusiastic about teaching and sharing with steak fans. He can be contacted through his site,

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