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Hi there, my name is Bella Darby. I'm hairstylist with over a decade of experience, a business women and mother of 2 kids. I've experience of operating in more than fifty saloons. I also help to make hairstyles for weddings, parties and other functions. I have chosen three occasions as hairdresser.

I'm proud of the way life taught me good things and prepare me to confront the critical time. I finished my school I got married with my high school sweetie. Later, I went through a time in my entire life. I was homeless and broke since my husband loss his job from financial crisis. Therefore, I attempted to find a job. After couple months of job hunting I get an opportunity to operate in saloon. Hairstyles have been heard by me while functioning in saloon. Once I received the fantastic expertise within my 16, I started a part time hairstylist company.

Now that I'm pretty much stable and encourage my loved ones, I have begun my own business of saloons. I've observed the battle behind getting that healthier and hairstyles hair. It has planted an idea in my mind to provide solutions through my website & books. I am sure my books would be my job reflection and knowledge which could help to accomplish a healthy and a hairstyle hair.

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