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Beltronics provides the best performing laser and radar sensors on the road, such as the Professional Series models. Both the   ALL-NEW GT-7  and the  Pro 500  includes GPS technology that offers lasting relief from false alerts including automatic door openers and movement detectors. The STiR Plus  is also an installed, higher performance stealth defense system for laser and radar that has Ka-band discerning programming for quicker response times. The new   STi Magnum  features our TotalShield™ Technology which makes it totally invisible against any kind of radar sensor "detector". Stay away from traffic tickets and higher insurance rates today. Purchase Beltronics at which Performance Rules.

Established in 1967, Beltronics Radar has a lengthy history of leading technology in laser and radar detection. Beltronics is a major manufacturer of those VECTOR, PROFESSIONAL, and EXPRESS radar and laser detectors.   Company headquarters are located in the Cincinnati, OH place, and the full field of radar, laser and security detectors are made, manufactured, and marketed in North America.

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