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Among the amazing things about being a drummer would be the opportunity to differ...for yourself. If you hear all of the greats, they are not like everyone else. They are themselves. We like that.

Drummers always inform us the way they become motivated by playing MEINL cymbals. They're motivated by the new sounds that they hear and feel, which in exactly the exact same time hones and contours their personal drum design. Here is the biggest compliment for us, as well as the driving force behind all our actions. It encourages us to develop new sounds and also to push our imagination further ahead.

Just MEINL uses 6 unique metals for crafting cymbals, and it can be more than any other cymbal manufacturer is using today. Because of this, we're able to offer the widest variety of basic cymbal sound characteristics available. Trying to find the understanding that any audio thought is possible makes it necessary to have this motto, the background, and the knowledge of all those different substances.

Constantly trained and highly capable employees master all obstacles within our production group. Most of them are drummers themselves!     New employees That Are not drummers get free drum lessons when they begin working with our firm.     It's that dedication that makes the difference you can hear!

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