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Back in July of 1999, the author spent two weeks in New Jersey with her two kids, husband, sisters-in-law, and six nieces and nephew. They had all been brought together by the death of Rossetti-Shustak’s father-in-law. She had discussions with their cousins and her kids regarding their grandparents always made them feel like they were & #x 201d; & and grandchild #x 201c & #x 201c; the preferred. ” People conversations evolved to this book.

“For me personally, “I Love You Through and Through” is all about unconditional love and total acceptance. I think it is very essential for children to be ensured of the parents love and support. You will never be able to state, “I adore you” too many occasions. ” On another level, the book educates rhyming and opposites. The examples, by Caroline Jayne Church, yank on this book's message and lessons together.

It required almost four years from start to finish for “I Love You Through and Through” to come into fruition. A copy of the manuscript was delivered to 15 bureaus in New York. Within 5 months all had reacted with a “no thank you,” except Dystel & Godrich Literary Management. After signing with them, three publishers were curious, however, contracts were negotiated and Scholastic Books purchased the rights. 1 year later, announcement of publication and a release date for “I Love You Through and Through” has been made.

Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak is a former newspaper editor and journalist. She's worked as co-editor of this Pawling News Chronicle, Pawling, NY, and Associate Editor for your newspaper The Kent Good Times Dispatch, Kent, CT, Housatonic Home, and Business Digest magazines.

In 1995 she was the recipient of a New Yo

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