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Benjamin H. Bratton's work spans, Art, Design and Computer Science. He is Associate Professor of the Center for Geopolitics and Design at the University of California, San Diego. He found the institution's' new Design undergraduate important. He is also a Professor of DesignTheory in the National Graduate School and visiting Faculty in SCI_Arc (The Southern California Institute of Architecture). Watch

In The Stack: About Software and Sovereignty, MIT Press (2015) Bratton proposes that various genres of scale computation--intelligent grids, cloud platforms, mobile programs, smart cities, and the Web of Things, automation--can be viewed not as so many species evolving on their own, but as forming a coherent whole: an accidental megastructure that is both a computational apparatus along with a new regulating architecture. The publication summarizes an interdisciplinary design short.

Dispute Strategy to stop Potential Luxury Constitution, e-flux/ sternberg Press (2015) is a group of short fictions on architecture and political violence. The book weaves fiction and fact to dramatize the symmetries and complicities involving terrorism, counterterrorism, designed violence and the violence of style: their plots, schemes, utopias and dystopias,

His present project, working name: Theory and Design in the Age of Machine Intelligence, is about the unexpected and embarrassing design challenges presented by A.I in a variety of guises: from machine vision to artificial cognition and sensation, along with the macroeconomics of robotics to ordinary geoengineering.

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