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Ben Mezrich has established his own genre of nonfiction, chronicling the stories of young geniuses earning tons of cash.

New York Times bestselling author of Bringing Down the House and The Accidental Billionaires informs his most amazing story yet: A genuine drama of obscene riches, offense, rivalry, along with betrayal from deep inside the area of billionaire Russian Oligarchs.

Meet two epic Russians: Boris Berezovsky, a former mathematician that got his start in a car-reselling business, moved into other more lucrative ventures as well as politics, and eventually became recognized as the Godfather of the Kremlin. And Roman Abramovich, a dashing young entrepreneur that went in children's toys into creating a multibillion- dollar empire of petroleum and aluminum.

After a chance meeting on a vacation in the Caribbean, both of these guys became locked in a complex partnership that will irrevocably alter their lives. They surfed the waves of privatization following the collapse of the Soviet regime, amassing megafortunes while also taking the reins of power. Together with Berezovsky serving since the younger entrepreneur krysha-literally, his roof, his protector-they battled their way via the "Wild East"of all Russia.

A true-life thriller, this story reveals how Abramovich constructed among Russia's largest oil companies in the ground up as Berezovsky's protégé-until their relationship soured after Berezovsky attacked President Vladimir Putin from the press. Where a member of his died tragically making an worldwide furor dead bodies trailed the footsteps of Berezovsky prior to and following to London. And as Abramovich continued to prosper, Berezovsky was discovered dead at a London city house that was luxurious, announced a suicide.

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