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Adam Kosloff is a Yale University educated hack internet writer - a.k.a. a "churnalist" - that has only pumped out on 31,000 net content pages (15 million words !)) Multiple eBooks were composed by and.

After graduating Yale in 1999 with a degree in math, Adam moved into Los Angeles to attempt to "make it" as a screenwriter. He essentially failed... although he did write a few TV show episodes that got produced and worked with legendary filmmaker Mel Brooks.

At 2007, while working as a hack-web-writer by day and struggling screenwriter at night, Adam had a "come to Jesus" moment, sparked by science writer Gary Taubes' publication Great Calories, Bad Calories. This book convinced Adam to quit eating carbs but also to depart the screenwriting stuff in favor of advocating for Taubes' concept the Lipophilia Hypothesis, on obesity.

Adam is convinced that this concept holds the key to ending the obesity epidemic, curing most chronic diseases and saving humanity.

His blog, Caloriegate, and podcast, Escape in Caloriegate, chronicle the broad implications of Lipophilia along with other odd but cool counterintuitive thoughts.

So is Adam a hack internet blogger?

A humor writer?

A serious journalist that hopes to radically alter institutional science?


The 1 subject that binds this motley body of work together is Adam's enthusiasm for looking at old issues from new viewpoints.

As Albert Einstein once said, "the mere formulation of a problem is a lot more essential than its solution, which might be simply a matter of mathematical or experimental skills. To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and marks real advances in science"

Yes, I really just quoted Einstein in my

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