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COWSLIP my first publication has been republished this week (4/5/14)as COWSLIP A SLAVE by CreateSpace and will be accessible from Kindle next week. The NOSTRILS of THE CREEPAZOID is the published juvenile book. Want to get your 8 - 12 boy? Give him this zany book about an pc morphing application.

I've written historical novels, mysteries, supernatural/ghost tales and comedy. Lots of comedy. I have authored four book series: TAFFY SINCLAIR (Bantam Skylark), its own spin-off series, THE FABULOUS FIVE (Bantam Skylark), BOYTALK (Random House Bullseye) along with BONE CHILLERS (HarperPaperback). The BONE CHILLERS became a ABC Saturday Morning TV series in 1996. In the filming of all public service statements exhibited at the end of each episode, I took part back in Hollywood. What a blast!

My funny book, THE Terrific MOM SWAP, turned into the ABC Saturday Night Movie at 1995. When I'm not writing, I am teaching "Composing the Middle-Grade Novel" and "Writing the Young Adult Novel" online for UCLA Extension.

I really like to go to schools and speak with kids.

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