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Beverly Conyers is the mom of three grown children. When she found that her son was addicted to heroin she began writing about addiction. She understands the anxiety and heartache that families endure, and she's gained deep insight into the practice of recovery. Above all, she understands there is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Everything may change even if we least expect it, daily along with the miracle of recovery occurs.

Q & A with Beverly Conyers

Why did you get started writing about addiction?
Once I found that my daughter had been hooked on heroin, I knew nothing about dependence. I had been one. ” If reality hit me over the head and broke through my refusal, I wanted to understand whatever I could about dependence so that I could work out how to save my daughter. I interviewed a great deal of individuals and therapists in recovery and have done a lot of research, and then I wanted to talk about what I'd learned with other people.

What is the oddest thing you learned about addiction?
That dependence actually changes how the brain functions. 1 night that my daughter explained if junkies hear that somebody else has died of an apology, their first idea is, “That has to be great things. Where do I get some? Me shocked, but it also made crystal clear that use and the compulsion controled her mind to get chemicals. Nothing else really matters to her.

How did this understanding assist you deal with her dependence?
After I understood that her brain wasn’t working normally, I was able to alter some of my behaviors. The enthusiast’s compulsion to utilize contributes to all kinds of deception, dishonesty, and manipulation. Live in a world that is crazy and create their own version of reality

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