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Hi, I am Beth. Life tales are loved by me. A few years ago, I helped my grandma tell her life tales when she faced both dementia and diabetes. After that, I realized that there was a need for a very simple but powerful biography template. That's when the Memory Journal was born.

What questions should we ask ourselves? What questions should we ask our nearest and dearest? LifeBio's Performance Journal was made to provide help. These life stories forgotten or have been lost since they are not written down. I wanted any individual to have the chance yet there is actually a lot! It requires a little time to find out the perfect way to collect the questions in the ideal order, however I think you'll like it! We help lots of people that want to talk about who they're with grandchildren and their kids. Folks of all ages find this very intriguing. Instead of info, it is very good to have a in depth story to share!

Besides the Memory Journal, I've authored other books that we will be adding to Amazon too like the Veteran's Story Guide (40 questions, perfect for career army), the Life Story Guide (20 queries), along with the Life Story Journal (73 questions).

I am married to Jeff and I've got two children, Melissa and David. I love our dog and cat.

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