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Having the chance of being raised in the fantastic outdoors, I was in nature. Building temples, swimming in the roads. Using my creativity to make magic kingdoms and personalities was among the greatest memories from my childhood. But, I was constantly having difficulty with my Sinuses and Allergies. As a young adult, I finally turned to Acupuncture and was amazed at how it not only cleared up my health problems, but reduced my stress and stress. It was to me like magic.

Once I met Beth I Discovered a Mentor and cherished friend. Seeing the gap Acupuncture and Needle-less Acupuncture may have on not only adults but children, has made me desire to increase the consciousness for kids. We can get them back in to nature and help them with sinus problems, allergy flare ups, and colds. I am passionate about holistic wellness and self-care and think that showing kids how to cure themselves is something which is extremely crucial in this new world.

I am a Singer, Songwriter and Actress who's in production of my very first solo record. I currently handle Tao of Venus Wellness Center at Los Angeles, California and I'm attending University for my degree in Metaphysics.

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