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Back in 1999, the Big Ass Fan Company Had Been born. Kind of. Then called the HVLS Fan Co. (that is High Volume, Low Rate--catchy, right?) , we made our mark purchasing gigantic ceiling fans that spun but proceeded amounts of air. The fans kept distances that lacked air conditioning, such as dairy barns and factories, atmosphere cool and comfortable--and plenty of clients desired in. Things moved fast after that (and kept moving). Just a few decades after, we officially changed our name once customers kept calling and calling if we made "these big-ass fans." When churches wanted to set up fans to keep congregations comfortable, we developed the first silent fan motor to satisfy with their needs.

In 2016, we found a new division -- Haiku Home -- through cutting edge technology design and effortless conservation to change the house.

Things are made by us here--and we create them of the way. That is why most of the operations (engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, support) are located inside a stone's throw of each other in Lexington, Kentucky.  

And we have backed everything with intensive engineering study, and an obsessive drive to innovate and improve. We proceed Big Ass every day, and we are not quitting.

Prepare to Get Blown Away

Replace 52-in lovers, your pedestal fans, or box lovers and prepare to be blown away. This announcement manufacturing, atmosphere machine offers exceptional performance for any space from barns to warehouses gyms and much much more.   Each fan is equipped with a direct drive motor that is gearless, which means that you receive the airflow that is serious you desire without a noise being made by it. Designed to take energy efficiency Big Ass Fans give year-round savings the weather. What you'd expect from Big Ass Fans.

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