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Bill Konigsberg was created in New York City in 1970. Expectations were high from birth - at least with regard to athletics. His parents guessed he would be a great football player, based on his spirited kicking from in the womb. As it was, the highlight of the football career was at Camp Greylock in 1978, when he was picked for its Camp's "D" team. There were just four levels. Bill played alongside the likes of this child who always showered alone, the nosebleeder along with the man with poison ivy that was recurrent.

An B- pupil and decent junior varsity athlete during high school, Bill has been voted Most Likely to Avoid Doing Any true Work In His Life with a panel of his own disinterested peers. He also proved them wrong using a run of projects within his 20s - motorist recruiter for a truck driving school, sales advisor for a phone company, also temp at Otis Elevators.

He labored at ESPN and in 1999-2002, in which he developed a penchant for sharing too much info about himself. That personality flaw brought him a GLAAD Media Award in 2002, for his column "Sports World Nevertheless a Struggle for Gays."

For a sports writer and editor for The Associated Press in New York from 2005-08, Bill once called his spouse, who was at the time working a desk job, by the New York Mets dugout in front of a game. "I'm so bored," Bill whined. After which call he slept.

He wrote a book called Audibles in Arizona State, also sold that novel to Penguin in 2007. His editor requested him to change the name so that it would appeal to people other than "soccer players that read." Out of this Pocket, the novel, received strong reviews from father his mom, significant additional. It won the Lambda Literary Award in 2009.

His second book, Openly Straight, hit on the booksh

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