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Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and mathematics. He has been a college profes-sor, businessman, also implemented research physicist.

Warner needed a lifelong fascination with religions, including Islam, along with their effects on history and civilizations. Following the 9/11 New York strikes, he began working on creating the Islamic political doctrine, which affects non-Muslims, available to the ordinary individual.

Dr. Warner used scientific techniques to analyze the Islamic political strategy working with the Is-lamic doctrinal supply texts. He has created fifteen books such as a book on Sharia law that has been translated into sixteen languages and self study classes. You can find him online:, Facebook @billwarnerauthor, Twitter @PoliticalIslam, along with YouTube @PoliticalIslam.

Dr. Warner has given talks through out the U.S. and Canada in Addition to in Albania, Kosovo, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. He has advised European and U.S. State legislature agents on Islam and its political consequences.

His Center for the Study of Islam, together with the involvement of a European group, has created CSPI International ( with offices in Europe and Chile. He travels into Central Europe annually meet government officials, offer interviews, discussions, and even to work with CSPI International.

Dr. Warner's writing is easy to follow and understand. You do not have to be a scholar to understand these books.

When we are aware of the world of Political Islam then we could understand why all Islamic events that are occurring around us and even how we can begin to prevent them. It's for the reason that Dr. Warner began the Center for the Study of Political Islam.

Bill Warner is the nom de guerre of all Bill French.

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