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Beth had been in elementary school when she outlined the advertising plan because of her first entrepreneurial enterprise, 23 when she learned she had been an introvert, and 38 when, in 2010, she put the two together to create The Introvert Entrepreneur, a private and professional improvement firm. Coaching services and her training resonate with introverts that want to make the the majority of their own strengths, and extroverts who wish to know why introverts are so doggone quiet. She is author, a coach, podcaster, and speaker located in Tacoma, Washington, also serves introverts.

From time she was seven years old and telling her parents on her advertising strategy for#x201c;Beth’s Beauty Bar,” Beth was living and working with the entrepreneurial spirit. The signs she was an introvert? A preference for reading and solitude, long bicycle rides through the neighborhood with her best friend, hours of solo clarinet clinic so she can do online with confidence, and a willingness to babysit every New Year’s Eve (effectively relieving her from the social pressure to go to a celebration).

Beth has established herself as The Introvert Entrepreneur into a growing tribe of thousands of fans and followers. As CEO and founder of The Introvert Entrepreneur, Beth is famous for her observations on her access on the internet the introvert nature and in person, along with her willingness to show her own struggles alongside intelligent, heart-centered approaches for beating them.

A professional speaker and accredited trainer, Beth has coached dozens of clients, trained hundreds, and talked to tens of thousands, championing introvert strengths and establishing experience in entrepreneurship, communication, and leadership. Her training, writing, and style draws on her experiences as a trained artist, arts administrator

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