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Bill Yancey (1947-) had the chance of being the son of an aviation officer and the grandson of a military officer. Consequently, he lived all over the Earth, but not grew up. After several grade colleges, he also attended four high schools (Norview, Warwick, Montgomery Catholic, Hammond), a prep school, (Sullivan's) and five schools (USMA, George Mason, NoVaCC, Virginia Tech, VCU). After bouncing from an engineering program in 1967, also spending some time at Vietnam (USNR 1967-69, USS Oriskany and USS Ranger) as a result, he eventually acquired an undergraduate degree in general science from Virginia Tech in 1971. The Medical College of Virginia (VCU) still regrets giving him an M.D. level in 1976 and a computer science degree in 1991. As a physician he did a residency in Emergency Medicine and a fellowship in Sports Medicine. After 38 decades of fighting through a career in medicine, he retired in 2014. He writes for his own entertainment, and hopes you see the humor in it, also.

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