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No grass grows beneath Sallie Felton's feet. Wearing many hats like a Professional Life Coach (PCC), International Chat Radio sponsor, facilitator, motivational speaker and author of 3 books. Her Most Recent novel, "If I Am So Smart, Why Can't I Eliminate The Clutter?" Has received high marks from individuals wanting to declutter their thoughts, bodily surroundings and/or psychological baggage. Her distinctive approach, which is equal parts honesty, playfulness and genuine compassion, is what's brought in Sallie accolades from clients, coworkers and her two radio shows, "A Fresh Start using Sallie Felton" (empowerment and positivity) and "Light at The End of The Tunnel" (service for people with or dealing with a loved one suffering with depression), guests equally. As she says, "in order to proceed you have to start where you stand."

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