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Blue Box Toys was founded in 1952 with the vision of creating a line of kids toys and toys which were both enlightening and fun.  

Over half a century afterwards, Blue Box Toys expanded that vision in 2010 by enhancing its product lineup to meet the needs of today's parents through the unveiling of some new brand - B kids! B kids products have a contemporary look and today make playtime more fun, easy, and enjoyable for parents and kids.  

We leveraged our standing as the world's most trusted toy maker to develop B kids into a truly creative, high quality and educationally-rich infant and pre-school brand that gives parents with a systematic approach to early childhood growth. Created in partnership with parents and leading child development experts, the B kids line meets the particular needs of children at every stage of the development. This happiness via an integrated and graduated method whereby toys from each successive stage of growth build on the skills honed through the use of earlier goods. The B kids brand consistently stays true to our initial commitment to providing care, love, and fun. We help to create wonderful experiences and memories which will last a lifetime for both the child and parent.

BKids has 21 products available for sale in the category of Baby.

BKids is rated 8 out of 10 based on 354 reviews.

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