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Bill was an attorney who has direct billion dollar financial transactions, a Partner at IBM's Business Consulting Services Group in which he was a leader of its international travel and transportation clinic, a professor who taught MBA classes, and the CEO of 2 traveling tech businesses, among which was then the world's third biggest supplier of computer reservation systems to the travel market. Back in 2005, as CEO, he began the low price Skybus Airlines up. He is the author of The Samurai Leader: Winning Business Battles with the Wisdom, Honor and Courage of the Samurai Code. That book is selling globally and was translated into eight different languages. His goal is to be the man sitting under a palm tree at a beach offering advice to anyone who'll pay a buck to him on the meaning of life.
His new novel, A Bank of Last Resort, is his original, provided that one does not count the four other manuscripts gathering dust from his cupboard which never made it out to the entire world. This novel was created in the first week of March 2009 as he saw Fox News and was nominated in the headlines chronicling the activities of the Government in accepting control over the nation's largest banks. Over the upcoming few months, each day's news headlines wrote more of the novel - like a friend said, "you could not make this stuff up!"
He's now at work on the that started as an idea in his book and has now evolved out of a work of fiction to a company in the real world engaged in helping America regain its economic energy, develop better and more jobs, and also support the Small Business community where a lot of our organization innovation and dynamism is located. It's based on the thought that our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing and we will need to get back to their vision of America, as amended by Abraham Lincoln.
Bill resides in Columbus, Ohio, but yearns to Find ba

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