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Beverley Courtney has lived with dogs all of her life. She qualified her Battersea Dogs’ Home rescue as a Working Trials Champion - and has recently loved herself hugely for several years, helping new owners for their dogs and puppies.

Using the latest scientific breakthroughs in puppy behavior, she is dedicated to improving communication between dog and owner. As soon as you ditch the idea that it’s a one-way procedure (“I said SIT! ”-RRB- and start knowing how your dog learns, training becomes a breeze.

Her new approach has helped hundreds of families to discover the joy of choice-based coaching. Her first four novels deal with the four Critical Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog, and also the first book in this new show features among her students’ favorite skills - getting their frantic puppy to relax!

Beverley’s latest three books deal with the tricky problem many dog-owners experience - of owning a dog who barks and responds to other dogs. Or people. Or bikes … Drawing on her own experience with her “Growly Dog” Lacy, together with extensive study, she brings the tender and funny approach that her readers adore! There's absolutely no shame or blame here - only empathy, understanding, and masses of how-to’so to get you loving calm walks with your puppy again.

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