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Blake Karrington is much more than an author. He is a storyteller who puts his readers. It's in those imaginative spaces that viewers are allowed to get acquainted with his characters that are complicated as though they're actually alive.
Nearly all of Blake's names are based in the South, in urban settings, which are frequently overlooked by the mainstream. But through Blake's eyes, readers quickly understand that places like Charlotte, NC may be as cool as they come. It's in those streets of this oft overlooked globe where Blake portrays thieves and murderers equally as believable characters. Without conclusion, he weaves humanizing straight for why a drug trader might pick a life of crime stories that function up reasons.
Tales of his job, speak of the roller coaster ride of emotions that ensues from feeling anger at empathetic characters that always seem to get precisely the wrong thing at the ideal time, to help keep the story moving ahead.
Concerning setting, Blake's stories introduce his readers to spaces they may or might not be utilised to - streetscapes with unkept, cracked sidewalks where poverty persisted, times are miserable and people are broke and desperate. Morality is so curved that rooting for men to get away with murder can sometimes seem to perform - even when it is not.
Readers who connect with Blake locate him to be more expressive. Likening him to some they see that a storyteller who writes as though he has lived in the world shares, easily communicating his message which humanity is everywhere, particularly in towns such as Charlotte's unlikely streets.

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