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Health is a journey, not a destination. There's absolutely absolutely no such thing as exercise or a fad diet that's likely to make sustainable change. The keys to health are relatively simple: eat a array of genuine, whole foods. Get busy and move, each and every day, and get loads of sleep. The issue with the health and wellness industry today is that there's not a great deal of cash to be made using this simple, yet life-saving advice. The majority of the health professionals earn a living from fostering misinformation and confusion, or by claiming a monopoly one their "one true path" to a better life. The fact is that there are ways to fit the basic tenets of health in your life!

Inside his novels, Adam shares lessons learned in the journey that he and his wife Olivia have awakened on, a journey towards health and green living. They began to realize that what they ate influenced how they believed and performed. Committed DIYers, they learned about the serenity and happiness that comes from living in harmony with the planet and environment, and the delights. Adam is lifelong pupil, (and perhaps a bit obsessive!) And has dropped deep into experiments using the paleo diet veganism and all in between. Adam married his wife at the beginning! The books of Adam encompass each of these passions, giving sensible, experience-based guides to keep you on your journey towards wellness.

Adam lives out of Boston, MA, along with his wife, Olivia, where they can most often be found running the trails in local Blue Hills Reservation. In addition, he maintains a fairly cool site over at You should check it out!

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