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Hi, I'm Bob Rankin. I am a winner, a computer programmer, a writer, a publisher, and an online entrepreneur who enjoys explaining technology in English and exploring the web. My diploma in Computer Science (RPI 1984) made me a job at IBM, however after spending 15 decades there, the Internet literally sucked out me. I have been called a "Translator for your Technology Impaired" and that I presume that fits pretty well.

Over the years, my work has appeared at Yahoo! Internet Life, Boardwatch Magazine, ComputerWorld, NetGuide, NY Newsday and other publications. Back in 1995, I began publishing The Internet TOURBUS, which had been one of the first email newsletters that were sponsored. I've written many computer books, such as "Doctor Bob's Painless Guide to the Web", "JUNO: Free Email and More", and "The No B.S. Guide On Linux". I am also creator of the Lowfat Linux tutorial.

My job has quite a diverse crowd, with individuals from all around the planet, and every degree of computer knowledge. I try to present Internet tools and technology in a manner that appeals to grandmas and professionals. My goal is to help you resolve your pc problems.

Everybody Has a "First Computer" Story

Ahh, my very first computer... it was a TI-58 programmable calculator, which I taught to bark, sit, and play with yahtzee, circa 1977. I also discovered that by making it flash "8888888888" close to my old stereo console, it might interfere with the audio signal and generate a buzzing sound. So I programmed it to serve as an alarm clock. My high school had a Model 33 Teletype, that had been the very first computer terminal I used. It was connected to a local university mainframe computer with a 110-baud modem (approximately 50,000 times slower compared to broadband now) and can save and load programs with paper overload tapes. There was an "OP" command to communicate with the syst

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