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I am a satellite systems engineer that wished to compose. The battles of college, working, or life generally frustrated early attempts. My encounters have been limited so that I have no real combat experience while I was at the Navy for a few years. I attempted a novel I intended to call "The Long March Conspiracy" once I had been operating on a satellite launching in China. I intended for the Chinese rocket that was carrying a US satellite to be dismissed and blown up. But not because of nefarious activities as would have been the case in my plot I had been functioning, the satellite actually did blow off . None the less, it did not appear appropriate to continue with this story. Deficiency of time worked against some other progress.

Many years ago I retired and moved from Los Angeles to Nevada, and discovered that I finally had sufficient time to find out if I could make anything of attention. I write for personal satisfaction, with tales that I find interesting to make. Having said that, I find great pride that a few of you find my writing pleasurable. Some novels are friends or my spouse have indicated they'd like to view. While I understand where a story is meant to go when I start, over once a character in the story has been known to trigger the direction of a narrative to change.

Many individuals have noted in remarks that I might be interested in guns based on the content of of some of the books. I admit I was an active shooting addict at one time, and have tried to interject accuracy in the use of weapons than various other writers. It has long been a hassle to understand if they equip their personalities, how many that are oblivious authors are.

I have a eight year old girl, so writing has to been completed

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