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Ralph Webster is a 65 year old, happily married guy, residing in North Carolina's Outer Banks. He never dreamed he'd become a writer. Growing up, his ability was constantly amounts - not words.

During the autumn of 2015, both Ralph and his wife, Ginger, took an extended trip throughout southern Europe. What he saw was that which induced this novel to be written by him. Their trip was for pleasure. They were hiking. Since they moved from place to place, there was something they couldn’t help but see. The refugee crisis was escalating.

Tens of thousands of refugees out of Syria and Afghanistan were flowing across Europe in search of safety and security. They watched the global news broadcasts as image after image was exhibited. They appeared as the many sides of this contentious refugee situation have been discussed. They met people from all over the Earth, and the dialogue could continue. There were diverse opinions, occasionally finger pointing, and heated exchanges.

On a few occasions, at train stations and on trains, both Ralph and Ginger struck groups of refugees seeking to make their way north. Most were headed to Germany. And there were times the police stopped their train and eliminated refugees. They felt danger. No interference was seen by them. What they observed were people striving to convey with the medium of distinct languages. They saw that the stress, the cost that leaving one’s homeland takes. Every interaction watched between police and refugees was polite and civil; not anything less. They just watched a procession of men and women seeking a new lifestyle - mothers, fathers, children, and groups of guys. There was no avoiding this. It was in the front of their eyes in their faces.

Ralph is the son of a refugee family, as this crisis prevailed, it gave him reason to consider his Loved Ones&#

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