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Colin Drake loves life. His enthusiasm and mission is to inspire and instruct others in the pursuit of riches and aliveness. Founder of Drake Wealth Management, a boutique wealth management and financial lifestyle planning firm in Sausalito, California, he guides clients to financial peace, safety and flourishing. His Woohoo! Wealth training programs are dedicated to offering everyone access into the perspectives, strategies and tactics of living large and building wealth doing this.

Colin is a Certified Financial Planner®, Registered Life Planner® and Wealth Coach. He’s spent the previous fifteen years on the front lines of guiding the nation’s wealthiest people to financial and personal success.

Colin is a husband into some fantastic and gorgeous wife, Rebecca. He’s the glowingly proud father of this glorious Delphine and the fabulous Morgan.

Colin is a prankster, a surfer, a photographer, a drummer, a world traveller, a fighter, a paraglider, a Frenchman, a workshop junkie, also, at high school, has been Desired “Most likely to become a windsurfing instructor at Club Med. ” He did wind up teaching windsurfing and living in Maui for a little while, but not at Club Med. So there!

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