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Jared Ledgard was Created in West Berlin, Germany on October 26th, 1976.

Growing up in a military household, Jared Ledgard was able to travel and live all around the globe. Jared Ledgard loves multiple citizenships including US citizenship, as well as German, Spanish, Brazilian, and Italian citizenships. Jared Ledgard discusses 7 languages, and as a kid will spend his summers in Verona, Italy residing in a 17th century compound on a 400 year-old wine plantation.
“I have lots of wonderful memories as a kid spending summers on this plantation. During WWII, the compound was inhabited by the German SS, also served as German military HQ for that sector. I remember my friends and I playing games running round the underground bunkers and tunnels playing cops and robbers and warfare”.
As Jared’s dad, a high-profile officer in the Air Force was winding down his army career, Jared’s family eventually settled in Seattle Washington. Jared Ledgard instantly became a big Seattle Mariners fan, and a huge Seahawks fan, attending several games such as the Seahawks super bowl championship game.
After graduating High School, Jared Ledgard decided to follow along with family’s footsteps by joining the Army. Following basic training and AIT (advanced Infantry Training), Ledgard went to Airborne faculty and Ranger school and became the elite paratrooper. Following his service, Ledgard registered at the University of Washington, and quickly rose to the positions as a notable brand new recruit in the subjects of chemistry and genetics engineering.
During grad school whilst working in his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, Jared worked part time to get a US government contractor exploring and growing explosives and propellants at the Yakima firing range in central Washington state. After receiving his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, then Jared Ledgard instantly turned right-a-round back into school work, now following a professional degree in genetics engineering.

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