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Leon Logothetis is a adventurer, motivational speaker philanthropist. It was not always that way. He was a broker in the town of London in which he felt depressed and uninspired. He also gave it all up to get a lifetime on the street. This revolutionary lifestyle was motivated by the inspirational movie The Motorcycle Diaries.

The times of living and working behind his 'slab of wood' (or desk to the layman) are well and truly over. His new passion: Finding ways for your internal workings (that voice that tells you, you are worth so much more than you think) to come out and play.

The internal rebel lets you know your life is yours. And whatever you dream of is possible. Anything. And that the fuel for this potential is easy: Kindness and harnessing the power of individual relationship.

Leon has visited more than 90 countries and traveled to every continent. He is the sponsor of the TV series Beautiful Adventures Of A Nobody, which will be broadcast around the world from National Geographic International as well as over the span of three seasons, sees Leon cross America, the United Kingdom and Europe on only 5 bucks, 5 lbs, and 5 euros per day, respectively.

He recently returned from filming his newest TV series The Kind Way About, in which he circumnavigated the world on his classic yellow motorbike Kindness Among, providing life changing presents along the way to unsuspecting great Samaritans. All this whilst relying on the kindness of strangers.

Leon isn't a stranger to adventure. He teamed up with reg & First Book; & drove a vehicle out of London to Mongolia increasing money to purchase 10,000 publications for children in the us. He also drove a London cab across America, working to bring back hope to the schools of America and giving free taxi rides.

Leon has documented his journeys for various media outlets including Good Morning America, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Persistent

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