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Brad Reed was trained as an Electrical Engineer back in the 1980’therefore. While he loved the sense and fun that came from designing circuits for a test equipment manufacturer, in addition, he found that what he actually loved was working to address their difficulties. After he left the design bench, he was always helping people in one manner or another, and never return. With the technology which was part of his job he assisted people at the office. Outside of work that he was fascinated by people and what affects their behaviour. This curiosity led to the pursuit of a number of & #x 201c; #x 201d & self-help and healing modalities; around the path to enhancing not only his life, but also the lives of many others.

It was when he discovered EFT Tapping that the real excitement began. Not only was created by a Stanford University engineer, however, it was the modality he found that could regularly and predictably create results that are consistent for a wide variety of people and problems. And in addition to it, it was easy to teach to different folks and simple to use.

Once the opportunity to research Gary Craig presented itself, he jumped at the opportunity, and has spent multiple weekends under Gary’s tutelage in several live classes. He studied it widely and also spent in Gary & #x 2019; s training. Not only did his skills that were tapping improve, but in addition, it led to making his EFT Cert-1 throughout the program recommended by Gary prior to his retirement.

Along with this “EFT book learning” who has honed his skills, the exposure to a huge selection of “self-help and healing modalities” has awarded him a greater depth of understanding and perspective than exists in several tapping professionals. Furthermore because of his engineering background and being steeped solving, his clients have told him that he brings I

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