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Before retiring to focus on composing in 2014 Braxton DeGarmo spent over 30 years at Family and Emergency Medicine, both in and out of the military. He writes out of a worldview, but he writes his stories to achieve and entertain people of all backgrounds. Many of the incidents in his novels are based on actual phenomena, people, and experiences such as learning how to escape a water wreck. Medical kidnapping trafficking, government corruption, along with social injustices have become the premises. Along with the technologies described in his books are all present ... and possible.

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When you've read Looks that Deceive, reserve one of my MedAir Series, you may have wondered, How did Amy and Lynch meet, and what happened to divide them up? You don't need to wonder. As the prequel to the MedAir Series, showcasing:

And Then One Day

The passing of a prominent St. Louis artist brings from the Major Case Squad and Sgt. Lynch Cully. Was this merely an accidental death? Maybe not. Sgt. Seamus O'Connor, assigned as a Task Force Officer together with the DEA, has found indications of drug running across the Mississippi River, only a few hundred yards from the scene of the death. Could the two be tied?

Meanwhile, Amy Gibbs, RN, has worked hard and created a name for himself at the Mercy Emergency Department — into the detriment of her social life. And then 1 afternoon ...

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