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Brent E. Turvey spent his first years in school onto a pre-med track only to change his course of study after his true interests took hold. He also received a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis on Forensic Psychology, along with an Bachelor of Science degree in History. He moved on to receive his Masters of Science in Forensic Science. He additionally holds a Doctorate in Criminology, using complete the original study into the connection between law enforcement fraud and officer in the sciences.

As 1996, Brent has consulted with numerous agencies, lawyers, and police departments in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Australia, China, Canada, Barbados, Korea, and Scotland on a selection of rapes, homicides, and serial/ several rape/ death cases, as a forensic scientist and criminal profiler. He has been court qualified as an expert in many places, such as crime scene analysis, forensic science, profiling, victimology, and crime reconstruction. He has authored a lot of texts on such subjects used in schools and universities .

He is currently a Forensic Scientist, Criminal Profiler, and interracial together with his personal business, Forensic Solutions, LLC. He is also the Director of The Accreditation Criminology Institute. He can be reached at

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