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My family tree of entrepreneurship and financial accomplishment dates back to my Great, Great, Grandfather.

From the first time I could recall I had business, cash, and adventure in my mind. It makes me juiced to see someone take an idea that existed in their minds, and breathe life into it. To create value from thin air and create success for themselves and their family…and then using that success to experience things the planet has to offer you.

Lots of individuals don’t even think they have that chance. Most folks struggle because #x 2019, they &; ve. That & #x 2019; s why my new mission has been in writing the Safe Money Millionaire making the Safe Money Millionaire website, and helping people learn how to create.

I have attempted to use the classes I’t heard out of my ancestors to gain me and the people I work with. #x 2019 & it;s been a honour to have affected many lives positively…also I am hoping that I may offer some value.

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