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Brette Sember is a former lawyer and author of more than 40 books about subjects such as food (The Original Muffin Tin Cookbook and Leftover Love), parenting (Parenting Together Apart) , travel (The Gluten-Free Guide to Travel), company (the Crucial Manager's Handbook, Bad Apples: How to Handle Difficult Employees), credit (The Complete Credit Repair Kit), wellness (Your Plus-Size Pregnancy and Beyond and divorce (The Total Divorce book, The No-Fight Divorce Book, The Divorce Organizer & Planner, How to Get Custody of Your Own Dog). She's also co-author of many textbooks.

Sember is also a ghostwriter, indexer, publication doctor, sociable media manager, editor, and content supplier. She enjoys to cook and has two kids and 2 dogs, swim, travel, kayak, read, play Boggle, and decorate.

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