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Hello everybody! My name is Brian Stephenson and I am a cat lover and owner, and of course a pet fan.

I have enjoyed the company of many cats throughout my entire life, but my favourite one is that the Scottish Fold. What a strain! Folds have what a human could start looking for. They are playful, intelligent, faithful friends, they are even good company for some other pets, such as dogs!

Scottish Folds is a breed of cat which will bond strongly with their owners. They are good with adults and particularly with children, making them appropriate pets for households. In addition, they are creatures with terrific adaptability, flourishing even in the very crowded areas in the ease.

These are only a few of the reasons I decided to begin and also write a book about the breed, but to be fair with you, the most important one is likely “Whiskey “. Whiskey was the name of my male Scottish Fold which, sadly, passed away a few months ago.

This book is dedicated to him personally, to his memory, his own friendship, loyalty and playfulness. Also, it's dedicated to the memory of all of the Folds out there that have made our lives more happy by keeping us company in tough and very good days.

Only at that point, I would really like to share with you some more information concerning me and my every day life. I live with my fiance who's also a cat lover, a vet and a wonderful life companion. We love spending our free time reading novels and gathering friends in our residence. We mostly spend our weekends in the countryside along with all our cats and our lone dog.

The lost of Whiskey and my admiration for his breed, together with my fiance’s idea for a book led me to make this publication. I hope you're going to like what you see here as far as we enjoy it.

Have fun!

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