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These will be the significant accomplishments of Briane Pagel's life (in no specific order)(besides the arrangement he set them in)(which is not actually a specific order because he thought of them blatantly)(who states 'random' can not also be 'particular')(Ermal Fraze* to get one, that's who!) (Particular... special... it is a weird word, isn't it?) (What were we doing again?)


1. Inventing the concept of '24 hours of pizza'.
2. That's all.

If you are seeking a biography which says where Briane lives, or just how many children he has or whether he is a 'cat' or 'dog' individual -- descriptions that frighten him if he reads them on other people's pages since he was raised by a young age to believe that someday the world could be taken over not by computers or aliens or toasters or anything but rather by a terrifying series of hybrid people created through genetic mutation -- in case you're looking for THAT kind of biography, as well, you did not get it.

Currently, Briane is attempting to develop a cactus at a terrarium he purchased at a grocery shop.

DecisionErmal Fraze (nicknamed "Ernie") devised the pop pop pop tab. But you knew that.

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