Brett L. Markham

Hi! I am your pro that is favorable, Brett! I really have no clue what to say about myself that others may discover interesting or useful, but I will give it a try.

I'm interested in almost everything. I play lots of instruments and write music, design custom embedded microcontrollers, possess a ham radio license etc. etc. etc.. But along with becoming a "thing" person I'm a people person in that I care a lot about people and their health in the world around us.

That's what led me to compose books. The idea is that these books, in some manner, are intended to either help individuals help themselves or make sense of a world that may seem quite chaotic; although I've published other stuff under different pseudonyms.

I live on a mini-farm at New Hampshire where I develop a huge amount of food for functions of self sufficiency plus raise some livestock. I shovel poultry mulch around after a month, also believe (or hope) it's excellent for my personality.

I really do a whole lot of research and experimentation, and when I hit on something that will help folks, I write about it.

I am an intrinsically useful man; so don't hesitate to send me queries about gardening via my website at

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