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Brian Michael Bendis is an award winning one and comics creator of the most prosperous writers working on mainstream comics. For the past eleven years, #x & Brian2019;s books have always sat on the very top of graphic novel sales charts and their comic.
Brian is currently helming a renaissance for both Marvel’s most popular AVENGERS franchise by writing every issue of the NEW AVENGERS and debuting the struck books MIGHTY AVENGERS and DARK AVENGERS and the exceptionally effective ‘event’ projects HOUSE OF M, SECRET WAR, SECRET INVASION, along with SIEGE.
This summer will see the blockbuster brand new line-ups for both AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS.
Other recent projects include the revolutionary SPIDER-WOMAN MOTION COMIC, that debuted number one on iTunes TV sales graph and the New York Times best selling HALO image book.
Brian is among those premiere architects of all Marvel comic’s Ultimate line of comics. A line of comics especially created for the new generation of comic reader. He has written every issue of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN since #x 2019 & it; s best selling launch in 1999, and also has written ORIGIN, X-MEN, MARVEL TEAM UP, ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR, SIX along with the trilogy.
He is creator of this JINX line of crime comics published by picture comics. This line has spawned the most graphic novels GOLDFISH, FIRE, JINX, TORSO (w/ Marc Andreyko) and TOTAL SELL OUT.
Brian’therefore additional endeavors include the Eisner award winning “POWERS” (w/Mike Oeming) in Marvel’s creator owned imprint ICON, along with the Hollywood inform all “FORTUNE AND GLORY’. Entertainment Weekly gave jobs an “A.” SONY and FX networks are growing POWERS for string with Brian as exec producer.
Brian is now adapting his spy picture book FIRE for Universal Pictures as a starring vehicle for Zac Efron.
Brian is a part of Marvel studios creati

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