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I am Brooke Castillo.

I used to fight with my weight. I really don't. I wrote a novel (If I am So Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight) on why, and helped thousands of different women stop the struggle. It is such an honour to have been in a position to help.

I found a way to manage my mind in a way that keeps me happy the majority of the time. (Self Training 101) After years of self help literature treatment and coaching,it's been the thing I've done to make enjoyment.

As a coach, I help clients daily long locate a way to live that feels just like a contribution. It Was Always Meant to Happen that Way is a group of that work.


Our thoughts create our reality- good or bad

We could change our ideas

There Are Lots of tools which work effectively on altering ideas

Our ideas drive our actions

There is nothing we genuinely want that we could’t have

It isn’t what we get to do-but that we make to be

All of our electricity really is in this moment today,
but that doesn’t mean we don’t even focus on the long run in this strong minute

It has to be fun or overlook it

I consider what I learn and apply it in a way that contrasts

I simplify the classes that function most effectively
I teach the classes to other people

I concentrate on my strengths
I never apologize for the truth
I think everybody deserves tons of joy in this lifetime
I know the last has no power over me
I'm a lifetime knowing that everything I want is within me today
I realize that intelligence is not just in the mind
I believe It's likely to be spiritually aligned and rich
I strive for the impossible so I could call to a strength higher than myself
I believe I was put on the planet to coach, teach, and Make
I believe m

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