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Following the launch of Sins and Purified of a Priest, Brian Robert Smith is excited about his title A Formerly Uncut Comedy. Being a notion driven author, Brian dives into the young adult comedy genre for this concept story. His original narrative ideas have been embraced by readers around the globe. While writing out of his home in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, Brian works A World Without Roads.

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a really excellent thing about writing is being able to express our inner ideas for others to relish—or like to hate, evident in the no holds barred review process we writers fast become subject to. We call this Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression: a global human right in all societies.

However, though we could write what we want, we'll always have a cloud over our creative heads. This gloom comes from the shape of censorship, ratings, political correctness, race, sexual preference; and the list continues… Sure, if you are writing just for yourself, you probably don't have to be concerned about these things. But when exercising their best need to consider all of this.

Economics plays a very significant part in a writer's independence too. Their writers will be encouraged by any publisher to manufacturer. That is the reason we see writers writing in a genre; they compose a series to present their viewers. While this is a good way for building a composing career, another roadblock which prevents us from telling you what we feel is created by it.

It does not need to be this way, though. There is a phrase from the writing world: Theory is King. Not genre ; not franchise heroes, but it. The subject

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