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Bruce Frankel conceived of What Can I Do With The Rest Of My Life? In 2006 if he struggled to answer that query. Three years before he had completed a MFA program in poetry.

He was a co-writer of this bestseller Life: World War II - History’s Greatest Conflict in Pictures (2001). He's held positions at People magazine and USA Today, where he covered trials, major breaking news, politics, organized crime and terrorism. He began his career in journalism in White Plains, New York, where he was investigative reporter and an columnist, in The Reporter Dispatch.

He earned a bachelor's degree in government from Franklin & Marshall College in 1971. He grew up in nearby Hollywood and was born in Miami Beach, Florida, where his father owned a dress shop. At age 11, he proceeded with his family Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, and later to Long Beach, New York, where he graduated from high school. He lives in Nyc. He's the father of 3 sons & #x2014; a musician and also also a high school sophomore & #x2014; and the proprietor of a 17-year-old kitty and two dachshunds.

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